So, you have a Microcontroller code burner G540 but you don’t know how to use it.

In this Article we will teach you how you can burn a simple code with G540.

Please Remember the following things:

  • G540 software won’t support 64-bit Edition of Windows.
  • To use G540 with 64-bit Windows, you need to create a Virtual Computer using Oracle VM VirtualBox or similar
  • We recommend using Windows XP or Windows 7 32-bit

Lets Get Started:

  • Connect G540 Burner with a computer using appropriate cable (USB/Serial) and install the software. It is recommended to use Windows XP (32-bit) or a 32-bit based Windows NT OS.
  • After the installation of the software connect the G540 to your computer and run the installed software.
  • A software window should appear like this:
G540 Screenshot
G540 Screenshot
  • Click on select on the top toolbar and select Atmel AT89C51 as shown below:
  • Select Microcontroller from G540 selection window
    Select Microcontroller from G540 selection window
  • After Selection click on Load on the toolbar and locate the HEX file containing your code generated using Keil or appropriate software. After selection a file information window will be displayed like this:
  • Burn Code G540
    Burn Code G540

    This gives you the option on how to fill the blank space on the controller, the offset address, loading mode and file information.

  • After clicking OK click on Prog on the toolbar to begin the code burning sequence. The code will burn in the following sequence:
  • When this sequence is completed your code is successfully burned on the Microcontroller and is ready to be placed in the circuit.