In this article, I will tell you how to change your billing country for Microsoft Account.

Well everybody knows that how you can change your region settings for Microsoft account and its very simple you just go into region settings ask Cortana if you don’t know or press start key and type “Region” and from there you can change your country for Store etc. But changing region doesn’t mean you can buy apps or Xbox Music (Groove Music) subscription in that country as you will need a valid payment method for that.

If you have payment method for the country you are migrating in then there is no problem but if you don’t have and you are living in Third world countries then you might need to get a valid payment method for the new billing country. Obviously, most people have their regional settings set to the United States as Microsoft Store has a huge collection of Apps in this region but you can’t buy an app if you don’t have a valid payment method in the US. So, I am gonna explain to you how you can achieve this.

First of all, you need to buy a gift card in US $ for Microsoft Windows Store. Now, where do you buy from as most of the shopping websites like or also require regional payment restrictions. Now I came along this beautiful website: Maximus Cards and Just head over there and buy any Xbox gift card. Payment options vary from simple credit/debit card to Skrill or Entropay. P.S. no regional payment restrictions. Don’t forget to buy US account gift card.

If you want your billing country to the US then buy a gift card in the US from here

This website supports a lot of payment options so I consider it to be safe and believe me, I have a good experience with them and all of my codes worked perfectly well. I have used Skrill as my payment method but you have lot of options.

After getting a code head over to Microsoft store website (change your country to US from the bottom of the page if it hasn’t already) and Sign in if you haven’t signed in yet and add any US address in your profile.

Afterwards, visit this page enter your gift card code and select redeem. If it doesn’t work then you can redeem your code from Xbox website.

Visit Xbox website, sign in to your account and visit this page

Redeem your code from there, hopefully, it will work this time as in my case. If it doesn’t you need to migrate your Xbox account to the United States (Remember this change can happen once every 3 months).

If it went successfully as it should be, you will have credit in you Microsoft Account and if the payment hub still shows your old country just head over to Windows Store from Windows 10 or from your Windows Phone and buy any cheap app that will do the trick and you will finally change your Billing country.

Enjoy buying apps from Store in your homeland.

If you face troubling redeeming code then open Store on Windows 10 or WindowsPhone and redeem code from there it should show your email address along with country like [ (United States)]. If it shows any other country then make sure you have regional settings set to the United States in Windows 10 settings.

If you have any questions or suggestions just drop a comment.